We provide an array of options to suit your specific need.


Traditional Burial

Full burials are completed by our staff, in full grave mausoleums. This service can be arranged as a preplanned effort, or at the time of need. River View will work with the funeral directors to coordinate the time and location, and a tent will be made available for inclement weather. We complete the restoration of the burial plot, and can offer placement of a foundation for the head stone.


Placement of mausoleums have become a rare occurence these days due to a combination of evolving burial trends and the prohibitive costs associated with building these stuctures. If one desires, though, special requests for above ground mausoleums are possible. In fact, there are several mausoleums currently on Cemetery ground.


Cremation is becoming a more popular option, because it is typically less expensive than a traditional burial. A single grave plot can be used to accommodate two separate cremation burials. Our staff offers the same services for cremation that are provided for a full burial to address individual needs, including placement of head stones.


Our newly established Angel Garden is now available with personal memorial niches for internment. Placement of two can be accomplished and final services are also offered. Names and life data can be placed on the doorway.

Cremation Ossuary - coming 2018

This option will be completed and offered in 2018. The ossuary will consist of a garden-like "common" area where many cremated remains are contained. This option is provided for those that may not desire a family-type burial.

Additional Services

Veteran/Public Service Grave Marker with Flag - images coming soon

This grave marker is an additional option that may be purchased through the cemetery. It is contructed of aluminum and is fixed into the ground. It features an emblem designating a specific branch of the armed services (Army, Navy, ect.) or public service (police department, fire department, etc), and contains a slot from which an American flag is affixed.

Illuminated Grave Marker with Flag - images coming soon

This grave marker is an additional option that may be purchased through the cemetery. It is constructed of plastic and holds an American flag. It contains a small solar cell that powers an LED light that illuminates the flag at night.

Flag Placement

For a small cost American flags can be placed at graves during certain times of the year (i.e. Memorial Day). Additionally, Cemetery staff can hold a specific flag that you provide, and that flag will be placed at the grave.

Cemetery Urn Placement & Watering

Cemetery urns designed to hold flowers may be purchased for placement at a grave site. Additionally, you may designate staff to water the plants during the warm season.

* All prices for services can be found on our Pricing page.