Rules & Regulations

River View Cemetery is free for all to enjoy, we just ask that you respect our rules while you are here.

Hours of access to the grounds are posted at the gate and are seasonally adjusted.

The Cemetery Office (812-926-1496) is open by appointment. Grave locations can also be found on

All decorations, natural or artificial, are subject to the Rules and Regulations concerning same as posted here and in the Cemetery Office.

The Cemetery may remove any floral or other designs (natural or artificial) flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs or plants of any kind from the Cemetery as soon as, in the judgement of Cemetery Management, they are unsightly, diseased, or do not conform to approved standards. Cut flowers may be used when placed in an approved container but must be removed when wilted.

Bottles, glass vases and cans are not permitted.

Potted plants and artificial arrangements may be placed on graves or in cemetery urns as long as they do not interfere with mowing. Any flower placements and grave decorations removed for mowing will not be replaced.

No gravel or loose stones are permitted without prior approval of the Board of Managers.

Walkers and bicycles are welcome in the Cemetery. Please alter your route when an interment is taking place. Maps are available in the information box as you enter the grounds.

Pets are only permitted on the grounds of the Cemetery when leashed. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.

The Cemetery will not be responsible for theft or vandalism of anything placed on graves or other memorial sites.

No firearms or fireworks are permitted within the cemetery. Military Honor Guards, when in the charge of an officer during a military service may provide a gun salute.

Smoking is not permitted on Cemetery grounds.

The Cemetery must be provided with advance notice of not less than 48 hours before an interment may be made.

Only human remains are permitted to be buried within the Cemetery grounds. No more than two human remains shall be interred in any one grave, vault, crypt, or niche.

All interment costs must be paid in full before a memorial can be placed. Foundations are prepared by Cemetery staff and will not be placed until paid in full.

Temporary markers are placed on new interments. The temporary marker will remain on the burial site for no more than six months.

The sale or transfer of any Interment Right by any owner shall not be binding upon the Cemetery unless same has first been duly approved in writing and duly recorded in the Cemetery Office by an authorized representative of the Cemetery. All transfers of ownership shall be subject to a nominal transfer and deed fee.

All ground interments made within the Cemetery shall require an outer burial container approved by the Cemetery.

The following are prohibited:

  • Driving over 15 miles per hour.
  • Driving off roads and avenues.
  • Walking off roads, avenues, or walkways, except to the extent necessary to reach a grave from the nearest way.
  • Picking flowers or plants.
  • Breaking or injuring trees or shrubs.
  • Defacing monuments, building or signs.
  • Skateboarding, roller blading or roller skating.
  • Hanging of wreaths, flowers, flags, decorations or other personal memorabilia from trees and tree branches.
  • Affixing nails, screw-in hooks, wires or other fasteners into trees except as authorized by River View Cemetery Inc.


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