Angels Of River View

Help us in maintaining this woderful public space for future genererations.

What Is An Angel Of River View?

The River View Cemetery Association is a non-profit organization that oversees the care and maintenance of the River View Cemetery. Any money that is brought into the organization is used to fund the day-to-day operations that maintain the beauty of this wonderful space and keep it open to the public. There are always a number of projects ongoing at any given time of the year, but there is always a gap between the funding available and projects that need completed. We absolutely rely on the kindness and generosity of those volunteers who donate their time, energy, and resources to help us in maintaining River View. We call them 'Angels'.

Why Do We Call Them Angels?

The idea of recognizing the individuals who help and support River View Cemetery as 'Angels of River View' was inspired by Shirley Meyer. Her love and dedication to River View began as a child when her dad, ‘Hap’ Peters, would bring his daughters to the cemetery to tend family graves. While there he shared with the girls stories about those buried here, the meaning and significance of various monuments, and their symbolism. Among Shirley’s favorites were the angels.

As an adult Shirley’s love of River View continued to grow. She served many years on the Board of Managers of the River View Cemetery Association and is a RVCA Corporator Emeritous. Shirley is famous for her talks, tours, and vast knowledge of this historic place. She is one of the featured narrators on the DVD of River View produced by Main Street Aurora. We can not thank her enough for all she has done to make this such an outstanding place. Shirley is the role model of all those we recognize as an ‘Angel of River View’.

Who Can Be An Angel?

Anyone can be an Angel of River View. It could be an individual or a group, or it could be a business or organization. Likewise, the projects that need completed can vary in time and complexity. Some projects may only require and hour or two for a day, or they may be ongoing projects that require special skills and a lot more time. Volunteerism is vital to the operation of River View and to show our appreciation we will always find ways to publicly recognize the efforts of our 'Angels'.

How Can I Become Angel?

Becoming an Angel is as simple as reaching out to tell us you want to become one. Just head over to our Contact Us section and fill out the form. Tell us you want to become an Angel, and someone will get in touch with you about upcoming projects. You can also call us directly at: (812) 926-1496.