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About Us

The River View Cemetery Association is a 501(c)13 non-profit organization.

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              Cemetery an Indiana Historical Site and listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

The Cemetery

River View Cemetery is located on a 30-acre plot of land less than ten minutes from downtown Aurora, Indiana. The cemetery was designed in the classic Victorian style by architect, William Tinsley, and was established in 1869. It features a number of winding, tree-lined pathways that navigate the more than 13,000 burial arrangements.

What We Do

As members of the The River View Cemetery Association, we are tasked with responsibility of funding and managing the operation and maintenance of the River View Cemetery. We are also responsible for raising awareness locally of the value of the cemetery as a community resource.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of the River View Cemetery Association is to seek philanthropic support, manage the Perpetual Fund and endowment, maintain and improve its buildings and grounds, interpret its history, and promote it as a place to enjoy its natural beauty. Our vision is to sustain the River View Cemetery's financial viability, buildings and grounds, and its natural beauty in perpetuity.

The 2022 Board of Managers & Corporators

The Cemetery Board is not a paid position. All members are volunteers who have a shared interest in maintaining the upkeep and natural beauty of the River View Cemetery now and for future generations.


*Twelve Corporators are elected annually to serve as Managers.

Randy Turner, President

Dave Hizer, Vice President

Debbie Fehling, Meetings Secretary

Mike Crider, Treasurer

Larry Giffin

Janet Hart

Patrick Meyer

Leslie Moritz

Diane Peters

Nancy Ray

Nancy Fahey Turner

Julie Whitaker


John Borgman

Doug Denmure

Bill Doerr

Roger Fehling

Shirley Meyer, Emeritus

Ken Ray

Jack Sutton

Jim Waldon

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              and Stories of River View Cemetery DVD.

Sites, Sounds, & Stories of
River View Cemetery

This video is educational and entertaining. Learn about the history of River View Cemetery that began with its creation on 30 acres of land bordering Laughery Creek in the late 19th-century.

Whether you are interested in local, rural history, classic Victorian architecture and design, or just like to learn about beautiful, tranquil green spaces, there is something here for everyone. This 30-minute video features two renowned local storytellers as they share their appreciation for the local history and lore of this beautiful landmark.

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The Cemetery Grounds

Explore some of the historic sites of River View Cemetery.

Map of the grounds of River View Cemetery.
River View Cemetery

3635 E. Laughery Creek Road
Aurora, Indiana 47001

Contact Us

Send us any questions you may have or you can call us at (812) 926-1496.

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